Rambling Russ: My Life, From There to Here
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Rambling Russ: My Life, From There to Here
By Russell (Russ) Kelly

Published Feb 18, 2012
Available on Kindle

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Chapter one.   Most Embarrassing Moments #1. What's a young thirteen-year-old boy to do? Stretched out with broken bones, in the bathtub, naked, and with only an older sister to call on, I'd rather be eaten by a grizzly bear than call for assistance!

Chapter twoThe Farmers’ Daughters. A true story of dodging three stunning farmers on the big road.

Chapter threeJapanese Aviators Bomb Southern California in 1973. Really! Rambling Russ was there and watched in horror as this unprecedented aerial bombardment took place. Here in his own words is his eyewitness account of the infamous bombing of southern California by errant Japanese aviators in 1973.

Chapter fourAnd Out of The Casket Rolled Gertrude. A weird, but true story of one family's adventure at the funeral home.

Chapter fiveThe Cookout. Read about Russ’s friend Herbert Bartholomew Tallmadge, the world’s foremost used casket salesman, and the "explosive" cookout at their modest abode, commonly referred to as the Taj Mahal of Foxwood Hills.

Chapter sixPeanuts. Flying just isn't the fun it used to be. Charges for peanuts, blankets, food, everything. What's next? Charging for use of the lavatory? But, they're missing lots of opportunities for really generating profits, so Rambling Russ decided to help them out.

Chapter sevenA Visit to the Doctor. Cooling heels in the waiting room is akin to slowly being eaten alive by alligators. But ol’ Rambling Russ has discovered the secret to being seen quickly, and he shares this secret with you. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone.

Chapter eightFlying High. One private pilot’s experience while learning to fly. Experiences ol’ Rambling Russ will never forget.

Chapter nineMost Embarrassing Moments #2. When skydiving, it's best to first pay attention to the lessons, and don't forget to pull the ripcord.

Chapter tenThirty-five Things Every Guy Should Know. "Popular Mechanics" had their list of "25 things every guy should know." I didn't score so well, so I designed my own list. What else is a halfway smart guy to do?

Chapter elevenBee's Business. Mowers, goggles, hard hats, sweaters and steel-toed boots are no match for bees and yellow jackets. Disturb them, and they get mad as a hornet!

Chapter twelveThe Story of Rosie. Get Down! Go Away! Get out of Here! The Pit Bull was charging at warp speed. Perhaps to bite my head off! Maybe to merely gnaw on one of my extremities. I was not prepared for events that followed.


Chapter thirteenHobo Junction. “Clackety clack, clackety clack. I hear the freight train coming up the track!” And thus began the summer I turned sixteen. It was to be my second big adventure, with lots of challenges and many of life’s lessons learned.

Chapter fourteenSailing The Ocean Blue. Sailing off the coast of southern California offers pleasant memories.  But as Rambling Russ discovers, it's best not to leave a five year old alone at the helm.

Chapter fifteenA Driving Force on Broadway & Wall Street. The "Big Apple" has challenges galore, but you can make it on Broadway & Wall Street if you try hard enough.

Chapter sixteenTruck Driver in Iraq & Afghanistan. If you're into challenge and adventure, are highly patriotic, and want to earn a lot of money, then perhaps this is just the job for you.

Chapter seventeenWorking at Yosemite National Park. Experiences of a seasonal worker in our beautiful national parks. An ideal way for retirees to earn some money, and have a lot of fun & adventure.

Chapter eighteenAn Earth Shattering Experience.  Ships, helicopters, giant vibrating machines, dynamite, trucks and busses are all used while exploring and mapping what is under our feet. Very, very far under our feet.


Chapter nineteen.  It Must be a Computer Error! The Dawning of the Computer Age. A nostalgic look at the early years of computers in government and business, beginning in the early 1960's. Vacuum tubes, tons of air conditioning, forty-pound tape reels, all to handle a payroll. Only the largest businesses and government agencies could afford them.

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